Quotes from Foaotmad Festival, Gainsborough


“Great working with you. Certainly all the feedback I had was beyond positive.”


“it is great to see so many good comments from our members, both on Facebook and on our feed-back forms, on how good the sound was in the concert room. Your professional approach has been praised by all the performers, especially our guests from the USA, and I would like to thank you on behalf of Foaotmad.”


‘Great on the sound. Massively appreciated’


‘Sound was great.’


‘You were an absolute pleasure to work with, Graham! Totally professional.’


‘Top class’


‘Great job Graham and nice to work with you’


'The Waggonhoppers really loved the sound and you working with Jock so nicely, excellent job Graham, truly, thank you. It was great on stage and off, a major sound feat!’’


‘as a dancer on stage the sound was fab. It is often lost but you made it work. Thank you’


‘The sound was terrific on stage for me’